Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador – South Sudan

Francis Banychieng is a teacher by profession, youth mobilizer and an inspiring leader and peace building activist. He is trained in conflict resolution, leadership, project management and technology tools. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Education, specializing in English and Literature from the University of Bahr el Ghazal, one of the national Universities in South Sudan.
Francis has demonstrated his leadership skills at the university where he graduated. For example, he is the founder of the College of Education Students’ Association (CESA-UBG). He was also elected twice as the General Secretary of the university of Bahr el Ghazal Bible Society. He is also the founder of Graduate Union of the University of Bahr el Ghazal (GU-UBG).
At the community level, he was a program coordinator for the South Sudan Youth Society for Peaceful Co-existence (SSYSPC) in Wau state. He is the initiator of the YALI network South Sudan and also the initiator of Peace Revolution. Francis has also worked as a volunteer youth mobilizer for Sawa Shabab (Youth Together), peace-building radio dram in South Sudan. More recently, he was accepted to participate in a fellowship program at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. The Sudanese and South Sudanese Youth Leaders program at USIP offers a chance for Francis Banychieng to gain new skills and experience in conflict resolution during four months of study in the USA.
Francis’ interests include: youth and peace-building, conflict management, analysis and resolution. He strongly believes in empowering young men and women to take peace-building action, and he believes that such leadership is the core of a peaceful society.

Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador – Tanzania

                  The CELBMD Africa family is happy to announce our newest team member Mr Jeremiah Paul Wandili who was recently appointed as CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Tanzania.
Who is Paul? Read about him in his own words.
“I am a Community Development expert, dynamic social entrepreneur, community trainer, civil society leader and African change maker, with vast and outstanding experiences in community development management project, working with local and international organization. In my capacity as CEO at House of Potential Enterprises (HOPE Limited), I managed to train various regional organizations, SME’s and companies in leadership and business development services. Currently working as Program Coordinator at Community Initiatives Promotion Trust Fund (CIP Trust)supporting the implementation of regional cooperation program under Sisters Cities Singida-Salzburg (Austria)
I was born and raised in Southern Highland region (Iringa) Tanzania, believing God calling and purposes in my life to make meaningful life by helping others to fulfill their life purposes and reaching their full potential. Since I graduated in 2012, and acquiring Bachelor Degree of Arts in Community Development at the University of Iringa, formerly known as Tumaini University, Iringa University College (IUCo) I understand the privilege I have in my family, community and my country, I stand to inspire underserved community and generation and building  their skills through community training.
As African leader, I am passionate to see African transform in all spheres of life (Social, political, economic and cultural) since I joined THIS IS AFRICA Initiative, I found myself indebted to my continent to support problem solving and implement various solutions for sustainable development and pro poor growth. The African continent is rich and endowed with underutilized vast natural resources; we need to create more opportunity to engage young people in the development of our continent (Inclusive growth) I believe in skills development, knowledge sharing and capacity building in formal and informal ways.
Moreover, I am Cohort 12 Participant for civic leadership track at Young African Leadership Initiative, Regional Leadership Center (YALI, RLC) YALI gave me more chance to engage with youth in the regional and enlighten my understanding about various issues that affect personal development, my community and the continent at large which need immediate interventions for smoothly transformation. I want to see Africa everywhere is peacefully society, just and democratic progressing toward prosperity. I believe in social economic inclusion and potential in community diversity. #MYHOBBIES I real like to play football game, reading books, and social media socialization, I use social media to mentor and coach my fellow youth in my social network”.

Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Kenya

Official Press Release
Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Kenya Miss ATHEMBO WINFRED RISPER
RISPER is a highly motivated, adaptable and responsible engineering student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology possessing enthusiasm, drive and a positive attitude required to be successful in any environment. She is a current participant of the YALI RLC, East African region for cohort 11 and a founding member of the Dixiene Engineering Youth Group.
She is a proactive leader who is hardworking, ambitious, result oriented and possessing the confidence to work as part of a team. She has been a leader from high school and taken up various leadership roles and community development activities. As a leader she is driven with the focus of bringing about positive social transformation.
Her passion lies in modern agricultural technologies and environmental conservation which makes her more than willing to continue empowering her region with agricultural knowledge and skills for better living. Winning is her full description.
Welcome ATHEMBO WINFRED RISPER to the team that is transforming African by transforming the minds of Africans.

Her Email Address:

Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Deputy Ambassador Uganda

Official Press Release
We at CELBMD Africa are so delighted to officially announce the Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Deputy Ambassador Uganda
Nabagabe Kalule Flavia is a Professional teacher, motivational speaker, human rights defender and advocate for women and youth, feminist, politician, transformative leader with vast experience in effective women’s participation in leadership, gender, gender budget, governance, feminism and community development work. Vivacious, social, charismatic, brilliant young woman full of energy. An excellent communicator, Flavia displays a strength of character. Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI, RLC, East Africa) participant.
Former independent Parliamentary aspirant for the position of Woman MP, Mubende District; 2016. Founding member of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum, Uganda (AYLF) under the Cornerstone Foundation, a group of young like-minded youths who believe and practice the position that every leader should be accountable to his peers and society. She is also a member of the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternative, an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation in Uganda. Flavia believes that women’s concerns are development issues and if neglected can be a huge setback to economic empowerment for any nation, therefore bringing to the forefront their unique gender dimensions is paramount if any real and meaningful development for total empowerment of Ugandan women and girls is to be achieved.
Congratulations and welcome to CELBMD Africa Team.

Appointment of Somalia Country Ambassador


We at CELBMD Africa are happy to officially announce the appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Somalia Mr Ahmed Omer Ali. He started his first career at the university of Hargeisa and worked there in different roles starting from assistant lecturer to lecturer. He has also worked with Somtel, the largest telecom operator in Somalia as a programmer analyst, and moved to its sister company Dahabshiil, the largest Africa-based money transfer and worked there in different roles starting with Business Analyst to IT Operations Manager. In community development, he volunteer with Shaqodoon in skills training and education programs. He is a YALI RLC participant.
Welcome Omer to this great team, we are so honoured to have you in CELBMD Africa Team. Together with you as a team we will contribute our quota in developing your country Somalia by Developing the minds of Somalians.

Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador – Ethiopia

The strength and growth of any organisation is always determined by the calibar of people who make up the team. The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Leadership and Business Management Development (CEL-BMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Center is has become a Center of choice for skills/competency based Professional Executive Training/Development which cut across all levels of industry from Senior Executives to high school graduates. At CELBMD Africa we offer innovative Professional Executive Training/Development programs through the expertise of our renowned trainers, industry experts and volunteers. Each of our customized programs is designed to incite Problem solving skills, innovative thinking and exchange of ideas. Our various Professional Executive Training/Development programs have been designed to address some of the immediate issues facing many organizations and business executives today.
   We are happy to announce the appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Ethiopia
Read her biography in her own words.
“I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in a very cultural and historically rich environment which is very important to me. My parents believe in gender equality, fairness and education. I am currently a fifth year law student at Adama Science and Technology University and the secretary general of Model United Nations of Adama Science and Technology University. I am a strong advocate and activist for peace, justice and gender equality. My passion and drive for gender equality was sparked in high school as I volunteered at YWCA an international organization working in Ethiopia that encourages active participation of volunteers in its various programs designed to benefit women and girls. This passion later took me to Kenya for 6 weeks where I was involved in a small scale research on the rights of women this research gave me a thorough understanding on not only the challenges women in my country were facing but also the rest of Africa. As the secretary General of MUN ASTU I had the chance to motivate and increase women’s participation in the club with my team mates. Other than my passion for gender equality I am interested in peace and security thus I have completed by distinction track an online program in Negotiations, Transitional Justice, peace building and good governance at the YALA peace institute in honor of Nelson Mandela which I am currently an online teaching assistant furthermore I am a YALI East Africa RLC Cohort 11 participant. In my spare time I love to swim, read books, watch movies and listen to music”

Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Tanzania

Appointment of CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Tanzania Mr. Nickson Shayo.
Nickson Shayo is a highly motivated entrepreneur and passionate youth leader interested in world issues, leadership and management. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Law from Saint Augustine University of Tanzania. He has geared his effort and passion working with development partners and youth towards exploring potential, energy and talent in positive direction through youth friendly activities and training. He is a current participant of the YALI RLC, East Africa Region for Cohort 11.
He is a founding member of Youth Revolution for Development at Moshi, (YRD) a platform that seek to bring opportunities closer to the youth. He is a member AIESEC, a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. He is also a member of Youth of United Nations Tanzania.
He has been a leader from Secondary School and taken up various leadership roles and community development activities. He believes that leaders should not only have the capabilities to create impact, but also the values that will guide their ethics and decision-making.
So with a CELBMD Africa applause and standing ovation join us in welcoming Nickson to this wonderful Family that is transforming Africa by transforming the minds of Africans.
Contact Nickson on

Appointment – CELBMD Africa Regional Director for East Africa

 On the 25th of October 2016, The Executive Board of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Center during their board session appointed Mr Ebotu Andrew Junior as The CELBMD Africa Regional Director for East Africa which he will be doubling as the CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Uganda after serving with CELBMD Africa for a period of 10 months. Andrew is such an outstanding focused young African with the drive to contribute his quota to African development.
Andrew is a Scientist with a Physics Major holding a Bachelor of Science in Technology (Physics) from Kyambogo University. He is a CELBMD Africa Country Ambassador for Uganda possessing a well-built groundwork of science, with the best of his qualities being curiosity and patience; he is highly inquisitive and analytical, optimistic, detail-orientated, open-minded, tenacious and determined. He is extremely experiential mostly on corporeal and mental phenomena even the slightest of an observation can incarcerate his mind – this he says makes him eager to innovate from a point of creativity when it come to problem-solving. When questioned about his mentality he just copes with technical terminologies from a typical vocabulary viewpoint with a sieve to find the word “intellect”, which he says he believes in its power. Principally, he is a research practitioner, has been straight forwards as a scientist with scientific ideologies circumnavigating entrepreneurship of latest with a concentration on technology. He currently works on a new version of the demanded society from the entrepreneurial innovation perspective. Currently he is a Participant of the YALI RLC of East Africa – Cohort 11 which he further on doubled with a mentorship.
He is a Founder/Project Director for the Consortium of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (CREATECH) a Community Based Organization (CBO) and a thoughtful volunteer with various youth community development organizations including: Active Minds Africa (AMA), Innovative Youth with Action Uganda (IYAU) and Uganda Deaf Mission Fellowship Center (UDMFC) and a participant in Entebbe Municipality community youth capacity building through entrepreneurship, organizational leadership and business start-up and management building, he is curiously passionate about the next generation and straightforwardly involved in directing Africa’s finest minds towards Pan African harmony with a strategy to transform and empower the young generation to struggle and make their world a better place to live. He believes that interdisciplinary team work is a way to success with an ability to concentrate “with a capability of dreaming about possible directions” on top of good planning and time management.