Application Open: The Future of Work Industry Leaders Fellowship

The Future of Work Industry Leaders Fellowship Application is Open


The Future of Work Industry Leaders Fellowship is a premier program of The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Institute.

As people, technologies, businesses, workplaces and lifestyles continue to evolve; professionals will need to evolve along with them. The strong purpose of the fellowship is to take professionals through the process of laying down the groundwork for what is coming and how they can take advantage. The fellowship desire to ensure that professionals are empowered, not replaced, by the disruptive new technologies that are rewriting the marketplace.


This transformational experience gives fellows the tools and agile mindset to be leading change professionals in the fast changing marketplace. Through an intensive and interactive 2 weeks of peer-to-peer and expert experiential sharing, FuWIL fellows will gain a deeper understanding of the future marketplace as leading professionals.

To be eligible for The Future of Work Industry Leaders Fellowship, you must fit one of the following criteria

  1. Student – Must currently be enrolled in a degree seeking undergraduate or graduate school program

  2. An entrepreneur with a running business

  3. Professional – employees

  4. A job seeker (with BSc, BA, BTech, Msc, MBA, PhD – you must have completed an undergraduate or graduate program)

  5. Have sufficient English language skills in order to understand and participate in all aspects of the program

  6. Open to participants in all African nations and not more than 45 years old

  7. Collaborative, committed to learning, results driven, adaptive and innovative

  8. Be vibrant to co-create a vibrant learning experience

If you fit any of the above in point 1 to 4, go ahead and join the orientation community.

Why should you apply?

– Gain access to new perspectives by learning with and from peers around the world

– Get informed and equipped for the future marketplace by acquiring relevant future skills and leadership abilities to lead organizations of the future

– Gain access to a global network of professionals

– Learn new skills & stretch your general industry experience

Mode of Sessions:

– WhatsApp Group interactions

– Zoom live sessions

– High impact personal & professional exercises & assessments

All driven by Peer to peer & Expert Mentorship


Modules Structure:

– The Future of Work

– Conquer Irrelevance in the Future

– Iconic Leaders of Tomorrow

– Building Relevant Networks

– Digital Transformation

– Proactivity Lifestyle

– Self Discipline

– Building a Professional Social Media Account

How can you apply?

Step 1: Follow the link below to join the program orientation WhatsApp community

Link http://bit.ly/FuWILcommunity 

Step 2: Step is announced after orientation day

Spots: 40 Fellows – October 2020 Session

Duration: 2 Weeks Intensive

Sessions: Morning (1 hour) and Evening (2 hours)

Application open: October 1st 2020

Application close: October 10th 2020

General Orientation Day: October 11th 2020

Fellowship Start Date: October 12th 2020

Start your application process by joining the orientation community here http://bit.ly/FuWILcommunity 

For inquiries contact: infos@celbmdafrica.com

International Youth Day 2020 in the Midst of Chaos; Way Forward – By Javnyuy Joybert

International Youth Day 2020 in the Midst of Chaos; Way Forward – By Javnyuy Joybert


For Millennial young professionals and entrepreneurs and some Generation Alphas, COVID-19 is their major global economic crisis and pandemic they are facing as key players in the marketplace.


The 2020 International Youth Day is ushering young people into the novel economy popular termed the new normal into a different kind of workplace and work culture popularly termed #WFH (Work From Home). 2020 graduates are entering the worst job market since the Great Depression. Job market full of uncertainty, chaos, fast pace change and much more.


It is a difficult time for young people, some are afraid of their tomorrow, some are stressed up, some are confused and some are definitely excited and curious about what is coming. The only thing certain is an uncertain future, especially in the present marketplace, digitized and global business world.


With COVID-19 pandemic giving birth to more chaos like economic crisis, workplace crisis, unemployment crisis, this has severely affected the livelihoods of young people either as newly recruits, job seekers and or startup owners. Why? You may be asking. The hardest hit segments of the economy or population are daily wagers, low-income earners, entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses and young people make up the largest percentage of this segment.

In this confusing and unsettling times, rapidly changing marketing place, young people need to start making critical and intentional decisions about their careers and businesses. It is high time for young people globally and especially across Africa to know they cannot be on the sidelines, they cannot just watch, they need to wake up, show up and be active key players.


Right now playing the blame game, shying away from responsibilities, staying quiet while people are being oppressed, staying quiet in the midst of bribery, corruption, embezzlement and under development is not for any young person in this present age. It is time for young people to be movers and shakers.


There is no doubt the pandemic has had deep economic, career and social consequences on young people, which will widen existing inequalities between young people and matured professionals and or the wealthy. Despite the massive unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic, the determination, bravery and self-reliant nature of young people will shine forth.

Forward-looking young people are wondering what a post COVID19 marketplace might look like. Truth is, there is a lot of uncertainty how the marketplace will look like after humanity succeed to beat COVID19. Oh yes, you read that right, humanity always win. We are not going to lose this fight.


What is the way forward for young professionals and entrepreneurs as we celebrate the International Youth Day? The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for change in our society and this give the young people the opportunity to lead and to shape our future.


  1. Young entrepreneurs should seek ways to revamp their existing business models to adapt to the novel economy and changing needs of their markets


  1. Young professionals should upgrade their skills massively to be employable in the current marketplace driven by remote working and or work from home culture. With businesses and offices being forced to shut down, the economies have come to a halt. The service sector has moved from physical workstations to digital workspaces, thus, increasing the reliance on digital connectivity


  1. Young professionals should effectively master how to synchronize machines, systems and humans (staff) to achieve the desired goals


  1. Young executives and entrepreneurs should master how to create and lead sustainable and flexible workplace strategies. The current and future workplace is not just physical it is now social and digital workplace

  1. Young professionals and entrepreneurs will consistently need a higher degree of adaptability and resilience for sustainable success in career and business.


  1. Young people need to be quick to seize opportunities, speedily improve what needs improving and transform what needs transformation


  1. Young people should invest in Future Literacy skill. According to WEF, “it is time our society takes another step forward to cope with this new challenge, becoming a more “future literate” society. This is the skill that allows people to better imagine and make sense of the future. It’s important because it is images of the future that drive our expectations, disappointments and willingness to invest or change”


Yes, COVID19 drove the business economy to a standstill but the resiliency, ingenuity, commitment, bravery, skillfulness and resourcefulness of young people will reopen a new massive novel economy.

Happy International Youth Day 2020


Javnyuy Joybert

African Youth



Session 2: Virtual Team Collaboration Certified Training

Get Certified & acquire one of the most critical skill required now and in the future.
Have you noticed consumers, workplace and business digital adoption have moved forward in a matter of just weeks. This change requires the acquisition of the right skills
The Centre for Entrepreneurship Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa is recruiting for the 2nd class of participants
Register now
Date: 30th and 31st May 2020
Time: 1pm to 3:30pm daily
Spots: 15 slots
To register kindly ocntact infos@celbmdafrica.com
See you in class
CELBMD Africa Team

The Future of Work in Africa: The Workplace Disruption – What African Professionals & Stakeholders Should Know & DO by Javnyuy Joybert

The Future of Work in Africa:
The Workplace Disruption – What African Professionals & Stakeholders Should Know & DO
Insights, Strategies & Recommendations from Thought Leaders
By Javnyuy Joybert
The purpose of this piece is to provide a skill forecast to Cameroonian and African educators, policymakers, professionals, business leaders with actionable information on demand for skills and occupations in the present and the future. In addition, outlined in this publication is the risks and opportunities faced by African professionals and institutions across skill sets, geographies, ages, incomes, and other demographic characteristics.
Cameroon and Africa did not only arrive the 21st century late but also Africa entered the 21st century unprepared because the African workforce was unprepared. The good news is, it is not late for us to end the 21st century right & enter the 22nd century in grand style
We cannot prepare effectively for a future we are not aware of. This publication will reveal to us what thought leaders are saying after a deep dive chat with me (Javnyuy Joybert) and the actions they are recommending for us as a professionals and as leaders in the marketplace.

Some key issues covered in this piece include
– How to Build the Organisation of Tomorrow?
– 15 Things You NEED to Know About the Future of Work
– 10 Skills That Will Serve You For a Lifetime
– 5 skills employers look for – now and in 2030
– How To Create A Workforce Equipped With The Skills Of The Future
– And 30 other additional topics covered
The future of work will surprise the vulnerable people more. The youth, people in low socioeconomic status will face challenges entering the marketplace from 2020 and this publication is therefore a tool aimed at bridging this gap.
Several months of collaboration, exchange of thoughts, intensive analysis & putting this together.
Preorder your copies now at just 5 000frs between 12th May 2020 to 31st of May before the full public release at the original price of 10 000frs
Pre-Order Your hard copies now
Email: javnyuy@cosdefgroup.com
As long as you are a career person and business person this is the most important investment you will do this year.

Certified Program: Virtual Team Collaboration (VTC)

On the May 01st 2020, Javnyuy Joybert Founder of CELBMD Africa shared the following

Companies are currently pushing various industries hard to stop relying heavily on in-person interaction & getting work done.  Remote work has been in existence already but the COVID-19 pandemic just made it happen faster especially in Africa and Cameroon.

Physical distancing, reduction of nonessential operations, and limited contact are fundamental in the present and future market place.
The question now remains, how can organizations continue to reach customers and meet their expectations ? The answer is in their employees developing the skills to Serve virtually.

Many businesses in Cameroon, Africa and globally are thoroughly re-examining their operations now. Will you be ready for their new operation model? As someone who seeks international career opportunities can you deliver in this virtual work place?

Our Certified Program in Virtual Team Collaboration (VTC) is one of the hot skills now and In the next couple of years. Reserve your seat now for this two days training. Join

CELBMD Africa Team

On May 02nd 2020, Javnyuy Joybert Founder of CELBMD Africa shared the following

One major effect of COVID-19 is radical shift to remote Business models.
Remote learning increased
Remote working increased
Remote service delivery increased

Institutions are investing heavily in digital business model my question is are professionals especially in Africa Equipping themselves with vital digital skills?

Attend our Certified Program in Virtual Team Collaboration and take the lead. Certified by The Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership and I Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa

Date: 11 and 12 May 2020
Time: 1 pm to 3:30pm daily
Venue: Zoom
Registration just 5 000frs (On partial scholarship).

CELBMD Africa Team

Email: infos@celbmdafrica.com

Tel: +237 656140207

Will Coronavirus (COVID-19) Accelerate the Future of Work in Africa (Cameroon)? By Javnyuy Joybert

Will Coronavirus (COVID-19) Accelerate the Future of Work in Africa (Cameroon)? By Javnyuy Joybert

I doubt if things will return to normal in the African market place after COVID-19. After this pandemic, we will be entering into a new marketplace. Education, healthcare, financial services and all other sectors are and will experience a shift after this crisis. There is already and will continue to be a serious disruption in workplace culture across Africa. COVID-19 has caused rapid digitization in key sectors across Africa in the last few weeks and the spread of new technologies are ushering in a new era of economic disruption.

Sometimes when I look at the African continent especially my country Cameroon, I feel we are not aware of what is coming regarding how the future workforce and marketplace will look like. The COVID-19 crisis is and will push Africans to be intentional at adopting new thinking, new solutions, new skills and new ways of doing business. Professionals and businesses should be worried about the impact the disruption by COVID-19 is causing and will cause for the next few weeks and months.

Now across the continent, from Cameroon to Nigeria to Kenya to Zimbabwe to Malawi, educational institutions who never took online education began to turn to virtual learning options to keep educating their students, churches and religious leaders using digital platforms to reach out to their followers, conference and workshop organizers depending on online conferencing platforms to run virtual events, mental health workers and counselors leveraging on digital platforms (telemedicine) to connect with those in need of their services, the high use of fintech solutions by even the common man is on the rise the way we buy and access financial services is changing, cybersecurity is and will be on the rise because the more people work from home there is high risk of cyber attacks among many others. These changes warrant the workforce that can execute these tasks effectively to achieve the desired results. New emerging technologies that are contradictory to our normal and traditional ways of living will continue to spring up during and after COVID-19. Are young professionals ready for this? Are companies and institutions across Africa ready for this?

Is it time for higher institutions across Africa to start restructuring their curriculum to fit the accelerate changes that COVID-19 is bringing? When it comes to basic digital and relevant workplace skills among graduated unemployed and even current employed the gap is alarming.

COVID-19 will transform and accelerate the future of work faster in Africa than we expected. With people and businesses forced to adopt new ways of thinking and getting things done especially through digital technology adoption, the requirement of new skills will soon be on the rise. Moreover, with the rise of high adoption of digital technologies as a result of COVID-19, more new jobs will be created. The big question now is “will our graduated unemployed have the required skills to be employable in this new marketplace that will be created post COVID-19?”

I will like to highlight that, the success of any business and professional in the African marketplace post COVID-19 depends on having the employees with the right essential skills that qualify them to be key players in the future workforce. What are the skills that qualify you to be part of the future workforce? According Accenture, “Leading businesses are reimagining the nature of work, pivoting their workforce to create new forms of value and scaling up “new skilling.”

Post COVID-19 work, workers, skillset and workplace will greatly change. Now is the time to start getting ready for the immediate future marketplace that await us (Serious business leaders and individual professionals should be seriously thinking how they will respond after the coronavirus crisis). Many will not see it coming but the changes will hit them hard and they will begin to wonder what is causing their businesses or careers to fail.

(Special Note: Follow Javnyuy Joybert on social media platforms and website www.javnyuyjoybert. Every day, Javnyuy actively engages his 27,000+ social media followers with incredible content on key areas like personal productivity, entrepreneurship & business growth, corporate effectiveness, skills development and future of work. Javnyuy is a frequent contributor to key web magazines like Afrohustler, Wundef among others)


Business leaders and institutions should be aware that succeeding in this digital age requires them to take on the disruptive forces changing their industry with speed, confidence and boldness. Moreover, this can only be achieved with the right workforce. That is why upskilling now will prepare the workforce to support and serve with continuous innovation and growth after COVID-19. According to the World Economic Forum research, findings contained in a report entitled “The Future of Jobs and Skills in Africa”, “Sub-Saharan Africa currently only captures 55% of its human capital potential. It could grow worst after COVID-19 if Africans are not intentional at acquiring the future skills that will make them active and key players in the marketplace. It is imperative now for individuals, private institutions and government to be intentional at building future skills.

Most of the people in Africa’s current labour force and university students do not possess the skills required for success in the upcoming marketplace post COVID-19. Whether we agree with it or we have a different opinion, the following skills will be the leading skills in the coming years. Due to COVID-19, we are already in the midst of transformative changes that are altering businesses and industries in very significant ways.

COVID-19 crisis forced institutions and employees to adopt virtual working culture and this is proof that it is time for current employees and young professionals who will still be entering the workforce to be digital playmakers. That is, professionals who lead digital adoption within their careers and institutions, always seeing new opportunities and possibilities with the emerging digital tools. Is time to start acquiring skills that will make you a valuable asset after the COVID-19 crisis. According to research from CELBMD Africa, Future Foundation and Forbes, the following future skills are recommended.


  1. Attention management, concentration and awareness: These skills are necessary to cope with information overload and to deal with the complex technical systems


  1. Ecological mindset: Ability to perceive things with relations to the whole ecosystem.


  1. Emotional intelligence: Most human jobs will require emotional input. Understanding of one’s own emotions, empathy and comparisons will allow to maintain personal balance in the complex world and to interact with others.


  1. Cross-cultural skills: People from different cultures, subcultures and generations will be working at the same workplace. Finding the way to connect with them will be essential.


  1. Digital literacy: The ability to work in the digital world (including AR and VR) is becoming as necessary as writing and reading. The 4th industrial revolution is fueled by technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, blockchains, and more. This means that everyone will need a certain level of comfort around technology. At the most basic level, employees in most roles will be required to access data and determine how to act on it.


  1. (Self-) Study skills: Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative in the fast changing world. Therefore, take on challenges, learn from mistakes and actively seek new knowledge.


  1. Creativity: The demand for creativity will be rising at the majority of workplaces as more and more routine tasks will be automated


  1. Analytical (critical) thinking: A person with critical thinking skills can suggest innovative solutions and ideas, solve complex problems using reasoning and logic and evaluate arguments.


  1. Interpersonal communication skills: The ability to exchange information and meaning between people will be a vital skill during the 4th industrial revolution. This means people should hone their ability to communicate effectively with other human beings so that they are able to say the right things, using the right tone of voice and body language, in order to bring their messages across.


  1. Embracing change: Due to the speed of change in the future workplace, people will have to be agile and able to embrace and celebrate change. Not only will our brains need to be flexible, but we will also need to be adaptable, as we are required to adjust to shifting workplaces, expectations, and skill-sets.


Get ready for the future head on


Javnyuy Joybert

Youth/Employee Skills Development Consultant & Trainer

Founder, The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa  – www.celbmdafrica.com

Email: infos@celbmdafrica.com and javnyuy@cosdefgroup.com


Every day, Javnyuy actively engages his 27,000+ social media followers with incredible content on key areas like personal productivity, entrepreneurship & business growth, corporate effectiveness, skills development and future of work. Javnyuy is a frequent contributor to key web magazines like Afrohustler, Wundef among others


Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs Series – Episode 6 Responding to Entrepreneurial Challenges by Javnyuy Joybert

Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs Series – Episode 6 Responding to Entrepreneurial Challenges by Javnyuy Joybert

As entrepreneurs and or business persons not only in Cameroon but across Africa and globally we are always facing complex challenges but how we respond to challenges will define our careers and businesses tomorrow.

There’s one Incredible fact about entrepreneurs and challenges. Through the toughest challenges rebellious entrepreneurs build stronger futures they don’t back down, they master how to sale through the challenges and always ready with post-challenge strategies and execution plan. Challenges mold your character in order to drive your future success.

One thing I desire that every entrepreneur should get is, their mentality towards a challenge determines their next reality. That’s why it’s imperative to understand how you respond when you face challenges as you build your career and business. The most successful people focus on solutions rather than problems.

Challenges in your life and career will constantly push you to your limits and challenge you to break your performance barriers.

How to respond to challenges?

  1. Stay committed to the vision in your heart. My question to you is, will you abandon your dreams because of some challenges that won’t last? No matter what happens stay committed to the vision.
  2. Don’t let fear dominate you.
    The most important thing to do in the midst of a challenge is to take control of your thinking. Don’t let fear dominate your thinking you will make wrong decisions. No good decision comes out from a frustrated and angry mind.
  3. Acceptance of personal responsibility. Accept that there’s a challenge and assume the responsibility of solving the challenge with a clear mindset. I did not say you should cry over the challenge I said assume the responsibility to solve the challenge with a growth mindset and excitement about the future.
  4. Seek help from the right people. The right people I mean people who believe in you, believe in your vision and willing to sacrifice for your Growth. For example mentors, parents, siblings, true Friends etc.
  5. Honour challenges as growth opportunities. Use each challenge as an opportunity to grow, develop, and strengthen your character. Don’t react to challenges, when you react it means your emotions rule your decisions, and that the situation controls you.

Entrepreneurs respond to challenges by taking initiative to create positive change.

Keep building that dream

Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 5 The Entrepreneur’s Must Ask Questions by Javnyuy Joybert

Welcome to weekend episode of this series tagged Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs. Thank you for the Incredible feedback from episode 1 to 4.

I strongly believe that in the business environment, the ability to ask the right questions and find the right answers or even the wrong answers and fail before finally getting the right one is super imperative in business success. Today I will share some important questions that every Entrepreneur at any level should ask and seek answers as they strive to build sustainable businesses.

Ask yourself the following questions and possibly if you can get a pen and paper as you go through this it will be worth it.

1. What pain am I really solving?
This question is critical because when you ascertain the exact pain that you want to solve through your business, you avoid the pain of building a product no one will buy or your family members and friends will buy from you out of pity. Here’s one fact, when the right pain point is not ascertain you will sell to people who can’t buy or won’t buy. You can’t design a product your customers love if you don’t understand what pain they want to relieve.

2. What am I building?
Whatever you decide to answer here is directly affected by the first question. You need to clearly and concisely answer this question. Now that I clearly understand the pain point, what do I build that will perfectly solve the customer’s pain. This will help you build a must have product and not a nice to have product for the pain. Build a product that position itself as an indispensable solution. Note this, building a startup is not about really building something innovative it is about building The Product that fit the market needs.

3. Who will I serve?
By now, you should be having a clear understanding on who you will serve. The pain identified in question 1 is definitely linked to a target group of people in the society and the product you are building should have certain characteristics that reflect a particular group of people. If you do not clearly know whom you will serve through your business or product, you will sale to people who won’t need and who won’t buy. Identifying the target audience for your products or services is an exercise that will transform your business. The better you understand your target market, the faster your business will grow.

4. What is the promise I am making to my customers/clients and to myself?
This particular question if answered right and practiced effectively can change the trajectory of your business growth. Business now is more than just exchanging products with money, is about having a mission, relationships, kindness, leadership, commitment to go above and beyond, is about the higher purpose of service to others and when you make this promise to clients and yourself, results are different. What is your promise to your customers? For us at COSDEF Group our promise to our clients is “We put you first place and serve you with class and excellence”. Every action we take towards a client is backed by this promise

5. What are my objectives, strategies and action plans (steps) to achieve my goals?
Definitely, one of the most important questions but very few entrepreneurs get to intentionally seek the answers. Majority of Entrepreneurs operate as if they are on autopilot. Always have clearly defined objectives, executable strategies on how you will achieve the objectives and most importantly action plans with dates and who to hold responsible when objectives are not achieved and who to celebrate when the objectives are met. Entrepreneurs often are overwhelmed by the number of tasks they need to accomplish on daily basis. When you have a detailed objectives, strategies and detailed action plan, it becomes easier to evaluate the urgency of the tasks, to determine what tasks to focus on.

If you went through this just for reading sake it is time to practice. Get a pen and a book and do your best to provide answers to the above questions. You do not guesswork and build a great business.

See you in episode 6. Super interesting stuff coming.

Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 2 The 5 Key Capital You Must Have

Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 2 The 5 Key Capital You Must Have by Javnyuy Joybert

Good morning to you Entrepreneurs & Wannabe Entrepreneurs. Welcome to episode 2 of Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs Series.

Today, I will talk about the 5 types capital every Entrepreneur must have to run a thriving career & Entrepreneurial institution.

You will struggle, be weak if you are not building all these 5. Ready? Let’s go

1. Human Capital- People
Hear me, you can test & validate an idea alone but you cannot scale or build an entrepreneurial institution as a one man army. There’s difference between an entrepreneur and self employed. You have to intentionally search for the right team members, partners, customers and other stakeholders who can help to grow the startup. Identify the kind of people you need to grow & find them.

2. Intellectual Capital – Ideas, Information.

To be a successful entrepreneur, intellectual capital is key. This cut across from ideation, to getting access to relevant information, analyzing the information, making relevant decisions and more. This is in Incredible capital for every successful entrepreneur. You need to intentionally build your mental muscle.

3. Social Capital- Relationships & Trust
If you ask many entrepreneurs now what is their most important capital they need they will tell you financial capital. And year in year out they struggle to raise this capital without success. You cannot raise capital from people you don’t have a relationship with, you cannot even raise capital from your family and friends if they don’t trust you. Dear Entrepreneurs, let’s intentionally build our social capital – build relationships and trust. It’s simple if you have weak social capital you will never raise financial capital.

4. Financial Capital – Money
Oh yes, the one many entrepreneurs think is the only one they need to succeed. But no, this is just part of what you need in your capital system to run and build a successful business. You will need to master the art of raising money. Note this, you don’t need money from third parties (grants, investors) to start a business, you need the money to grow (scale) a business.

5. Digital Capital – Online
One of the most critical and important capital for all Entrepreneurs. In this century, when a customer hears about you for the first time they do two things – search on all social media platforms and the big daddy google and if you are not on any you break their hearts and they lose credibility in you. For some people like investors and potential partners, they ask or look for your website. Your online presence is your digital capital don’t joke with it. [At AFA Designs Tech Firm we have an incredible package where we help businesses building amazing online presence for their clients, Investors. Contact me +237656140207]

To succeed, all 5 capital must be integrated and well developed. At COSDEF Group & AFA Designs we work with you to build all 5.

When it comes to running a successful people it’s more than just having an innovative Idea and the money.


CELBMD Africa Media Team

Communication & Presentation Skill Masterclass – Set 1

Communication & Presentation Skill Masterclass By CELBMD Africa in Douala Cameroon

Date: 17th February 2020

The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres once said “The hopes of the world rest on young people. Peace, economic dynamism, social justice, tolerance all this and more, today and tomorrow depends on tapping into the power of youth”

For 8 years today, The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa has remained committed to her vision of being Africa’s premiere skills training & development institute, bridging the high skill gap by inculcating the relevant skills & competences into African young people, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders & communities which will facilitate career growth, corporate excellence, successful businesses, sustainable communities

Cross Section of Participants

The aim of the Communication & Presentation Skill masterclass which will run in 3 sets till March 2020 targeting young professionals, job seekers and owners of businesses aims at building skills that young people in Africa need for productive lives and the future of work.

Our mission in this new decade is to contribute our quota in achieving SDG 4 target 4.4 which states By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship

Javnyuy Joybert
Founder, CELBMD Africa